Magic Trick Review: Shadow Thief by Bizarro

Bizarro Shadow Thief magic trickThis is a short and sweet review of a brand new product from Vanishing Inc. Shadow Thief is the brainchild of Bizarro that introduces a practical, easy-to-do method of manipulating a shadow. Here’s the breakdown of one version of the effect.

Two cards are selected and lost in the deck. The magician removes his cell phone. holds it face down, and uses a flashlight app (you could also use a real flashlight) to illuminate the floor. Waving his hand under the light, the spectators can see shadows dancing around on the floor. Suddenly the image of a playing card appears in shadow form. (Imagine a shadow of a playing card with the pips cut out). It is the first selected card. With focus still on the shadow, the magician waves his hand over the card once more. The cut out holes in the shadow transform into the second selection. The card is turned face up to reveal that not only have the holes transformed, but the actual card has changed as well. All may be examined.

This is a very practical method for a stunning effect. It is definitely a “right place/right time” kind of thing. This probably isn’t something you’re going to bust out at your next kid’s show, but it’s perfectly suited for walk-around or bar situations. Any dimly lit environment will work.

The package comes complete with two handmade, special cards. The cards are easily remade, so you’ll never have to purchase replacements. The instructional DVD is pretty basic with regards to production values, but Joshua Jay and Bizarro do a fine job of teaching the effect and its different handlings.

This is a unique card effect that your audience will remember for a long time. It would also make a great showpiece for a television spot. Overall, this is a fine product. If the effect sounds intriguing, I’m confident you will be satisfied with the method. Recommended.

-Available for $20 from Vanishing Inc. Magic