What is “Interactive Close-up Magic?”

When you hire a magician for your Indianapolis corporate event, you want to add excitement and variety to your guests’ evening. If that is the case, a close-up magician could be exactly what you’re looking for! Some event planners call it strolling magic or walk-around magic, but I think Interactive Close-up Magic sums it up best. Strolling magic sounds passive. Walk-around magic sounds boring. After all, I’m not just walking around aimlessly. I’m there for a purpose… a man on a mission. My job is to bring the ENERGY… to bring the FUN! I’ll pump up your guests to get them laughing and chatting to ensure everyone has an amazing time!

Most people have seen magic on television or YouTube, but it’s rare to meet a magician in real life. Magic is best experienced when it is happening right in front of your own eyes. In fact, a lot of the magic I perform in corporate events happens in your guests’ own hands! That’s one of the reasons why close-up magic is the perfect ice-breaker. Your guests participate together in a unique, hands-on experience. The amazing things they witness as a group serve as a kickoff to get the conversation rolling. It’s social lubrication without the alcohol… although that helps too!

I design my performances so that the magic is quick and powerful. I call this approach machine-gun magic. The strategy is to overwhelm your guests with a potent magical experience… to give them story to tell. The idea is to make your event memorable. I want them to still be talking about your party long after other corporate events have faded from memory. To infuse your next party with an exciting special attraction, give me a call or send me a message. I’d love to help make your Indianapolis event one that your guests will never forget!